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The Complete Bean + Rice Variety Pack (12 pack)

Can’t make up your mind about which of our seasoned side dishes to try first? Have them all ! Our 12 count variety pack includes:

One pouch of each Seasoned Bean (6 total): Cuban Black Beans, Mexican Cowboy Pinto Beans, Trini Chickpea Curry, Refried Pinto Beans, Refried Black Beans and Creole Red Beans. Find your favorite today!

Two pouches of each Rice Cooked in Bone Broth (6 total): Sea Salt Rice, Classic Broth Rice and Spanish Yellow Rice.

Find your favorite today!

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On Sale

All Seasoning Sauce Variety Pack (10 Pack)

Can’t make up your mind about which of our seasoning sauces to try first? Try all 6! Our variety pack includes two pouches of Mexican Red Rice, Peruvian Pollo ala Brasa, Jamaican Jerk Seasoning, and Caribbean Coconut Rice along with one pouch of Mexican Pollo Asado and Arroz Con Gandules. Find your favorite today!
  • Mexican Red Rice (2) 
  • Polla ala Brasa (2) 
  • Pollo Asado (1)
  • Jerk (2)
  • Arroz Con Gandules (1)
  • Coconut Rice (2)


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    12 pouches per case