Q: I don’t want to spend $45 for a product I’ve never tried!

A: We sell in large quantities as the cost of packing and shipping a smaller amount (1-2 pouches) of beans would offset any profit we could make. In order to cover the cost of shipping and handling we need to sell a certain number of pouches at once. That being said, our beans and rice are shelf-stable and can last up to 12 months should you want to have a stash on-hand.

Q: What stores carry your product?

A: You can use our store locator to find which local retailers near you carry our products.

Q: How often do I receive beans with a subscription?

A: You can adjust the frequency in 

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: Unfortunately, as soon as an order is placed, the fulfillment process starts and we cannot cancel the order. 

Q: Can I return the beans?

A: Unfortunately we cannot accept the product back for food safety reasons and all purchases are final.

Q: Why do you sell in such large quantities?

A:The cost of packing and shipping 1-2 pouches of beans would offset the money we make from the sale. In order to cover the cost of shipping and handling we need to sell a certain number of pouches at once.If you would like to purchase a single pouch of product, we would encourage you to buy from one of our online retail partners like Thrive or from a physical retail location using our store locator.

Q: Can I buy single pouches of the beans/rice?

A: You can use the store locator on our website to find stores where you can purchase single pouches of our beans.

Food-related questions

Q: Where can I find ingredient/nutritional information?

A:Visit our product pages for full details.

Q: Are these beans organic?

A: Our products are not currently certified organic, but they are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Q: How can I make the beans less spicy?

A: There are plenty of ways to tone down the spice level in our beans. A few of our favorites tricks are to: add vegetables, add water, blend them with unseasoned beans, eat them with plain rice or bread, pair them with dairy (like sour cream or yogurt), eat them with something a little acidic (ie. lime, diced tomatoes or guacamole).

Q: What’s the shelf life?

A: All our beans are good for 12 months from the date of production. You can find the "Best By" date for beans on the back of each pouch.

Q: Is the pouch BPA safe?

A: Our pouches are made from PET Plastic and are free from BPA, BPS and BPF.

Q: Can these be eaten raw?

A: A Dozen Cousin Beans are already fully cooked and they can be eaten straight out of the pouch if desired.

Q: Can I cook your beans and bone broth rice on the stove?

A: Our beans and bone broth rice can be cooked on a stove top. Just empty the beans or rice into a sauce pan and heat over medium heat until they reach your desired temperature. Stir occasionally!

Q: How long do the beans last in the fridge once the pouch has been opened?

A: The beans last up to seven days in the fridge once opened.

Q: Can I freeze the beans?

A: Our beans and bone broth rice can be frozen, but they should not be frozen in their original packaging. We recommend emptying the pouches into freezer safe containers for proper storage in the freezer. 

Q: How do your products maintain a shelf life of 12 months when using all natural ingredients and no added preservatives?

A: We use a process called “retorting”, which is the same as canning or jarring. The ingredients are placed in the pouch, it is closed with an airtight seal and then the product is cooked right inside the pouch. This kills any potentially harmful bacteria, and the beans remain completely safe and shelf-stable until opened or date of expiration.

Q: Are the beans Halal?

A: Although we don't use a third-party halal certification, our products don’t contain any animal byproducts or alcohol. 

Q: Are your products certified as gluten free?

A: We label our products as naturally gluten free because they don't contain any wheat or gluten ingredients. With that said, we do not subscribe to any third-party certification. 

Q: Which spices are in the beans?

A: While we do not disclose the full list of spices for privacy reasons, we are happy to verify whether or not our products contain a spice you are trying to avoid. Please reach out!