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Mama Meal Kit

Mama Meal Kit

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A Dozen Cousins is teaming up with Partake and Golde to support an expectant mother’s health and recovery with this carefully-crafted meal kit. Each kit comes loaded with simple meal ideas, along with morning “pick me ups” and a few sweet treats so that the whole family can stay nourished while focusing on mom’s rest and recovery.

All proceeds will be donated to our 2023 Social Impact Grantee: Kindred Space LA, an LA-based black-owned birthing center designed to address the maternal and infant health disparities in communities of color.  To help make our collective impact even bigger, The HoneyPot Co. will be making a matching donation for every kit sold.

To learn more about our Social Impact Grants, click here.

All Mama Meal Kits will start shipping the week of 4/17


Golde Shroom Shield - Functional mushrooms reishi and turkey tail regulate stress + boost immunity. Raw cacao promotes "the bliss molecule" in the brain. No funky flavors, just creamy cocoa!

Golde Coconut Collagen Boost - Bamboo extract, hyaluronic acid, + biotin boost your body's own collagen production to promote healthier hair, skin, + nails (hello, postpartum hair loss!) – all with a rich vanilla flavor.

Partake Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies - As a big chocolate lover, this is our founder and CEO Denise Woodard's favorite flavor to satisfy her sweet tooth. The icon. The classic. The Chocolate Chip cookie! One taste of these vegan, allergy-friendly & non-GMO cookies prove why it's cookie time, all the time.

Partake Soft Baked Lemon Cookies- A bold, refreshing snack perfect for indulging solo or using as a base for your favorite baked desserts. This NEW light and bright flavor is like sunshine in a box—with just the right amounts of citrus and sweetness.

A Dozen Cousins Trini Chickpea Curry, Refried Black Beans,  and Refried Pinto Beans - From Virginia to Venezuela, few foods are beloved more universally than a slow-simmered pot of beans. We put a modern twist on the classic dish by cooking our ready-to-eat beans with real non-GMO ingredients and nutrient dense avocado oil. Just heat them up for 60 seconds and dig in!

A Dozen Cousins Sea Salt Bone Broth Rice - Every cook knows that the secret to making a great pot of rice is to use flavorful chicken stock. We are taking that old chef’s trick to the next level by using Bone Broth to bring unprecedented flavor and nutrient-density to the ready-to-eat rice world. Each serving contains 7g of Collagen rich protein!

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